now reading: Innovative Kiwi travel buggy enjoys success in China
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Innovative Kiwi travel buggy enjoys success in China

Innovative Kiwi travel buggy enjoys success in China

Mountain Buggy® has seen a near 60% increase in total sales across all Asian markets, year-on-year since launching nano™ - read more on this exciting growth.
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Juvenile products company, Mountain Buggy, has experienced strong economic growth following the launch of its compact travel buggy into the Chinese market.

The Red Dot award-winning nano buggy, that folds down small enough to fit in the overhead locker on airlines, was first distributed to Chinese retailers earlier this year, following certification.

Chief Executive, Campbell Gower, says “while we’ve experienced solid returns with nano in other Asian countries, the response in China has been impressive.”

After only entering the Chinese market in February, the country now dominates sales across Asia. Gower notes as of October, the business has seen a near 60% increase in total sales across all Asian markets, year-on-year.

“Since launching in 2014, there’s always been demand for nano. Having largely created the travel buggy category it was important we entered the Chinese market right for both our brand and this buggy.

“All markets are both the same and different; and the differences are important. So, we focussed on establishing a real sales presence on the ground and built relationships with key partners, all before hitting go in February.  

“These recent results show that with the right product design and retail partnerships, significant growth can occur.”

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With the launch of the brand’s latest Chinese zodiac-inspired print, Gower expects total sales to continue to grow - achieving, what would be, a record breaking year end for nano in Asia.

The special edition print,  silhouettes , celebrates the Year of the Dog 2018 - the eleventh of twelve animals in the Chinese zodiac. It’s the brand’s third print in the series, with Year of the Rooster and Year of the Monkey both preceding it.

In a first for the company, holographic textiles and effects were employed, creating a unique print that is accentuated when exposed to a direct light source.

“The result is an interactive art piece - as you move around the buggy, you experience the changing print with light. This latest innovation has been hugely popular due to its presence”

Gower says this new print offers customers the best of both worlds.

“Buggies delivering superior form, function and design, combined with a creative, iconic style. That’s what sets Mountain Buggy apart.

“It’s just terrific to be doing it, still from New Zealand, over 20 years on and in 40+ countries.”

The new special edition print can be selected when purchasing nano online and in-store.

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