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The 3 buggies that are finalists

What are the OHbaby! Awards?

A few of our iconic Mountain Buggy® strollers have been nominated by New Zealand parents and are now selected as FINALISTS in the OHbaby! Awards! 🖤
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If you haven't heard, OHbaby! is a well known name when it comes to all things baby-related in Australasia, and has been around for 23 years. Every year, they host nursery awards where parents get to vote for their favourite brands, products and even retail stores! The OHbaby! Awards have been developed to recognise, celebrate and promote the high quality of products and services in the New Zealand and Australia pregnancy and parenting industry. The awards are now a biennial fixture on the OHbaby! Calendar. As usual, the spotlight is highly shone on some fantastic gear, and guess what? Mountain Buggy® has not one, not two, but three finalists in the running! Yep, you heard that right. The Mountain Buggy® urban jungle™, terrain™, and duet™ have all been nominated by parents as finalists for the OHbaby! 2024 awards. Let's break down why these strollers are the talk of the town!

urban jungle™

engineered for the urban active

urban jungle™ is the icon of the brand – an incredible all-rounder that is perfect for city strolls and off-road adventures. Whether you're navigating busy streets or hitting the trails, urban jungle™ has got your back. It's sleek design and super smooth manoeuvrability, provides a comfy ride for your little one. Plus, it's easy to fold and pack away, making it a dream for parents on the go, and really want no fuss.

My friend from back home is actually one of our urban jungle™ pilots! Here is an amazing review from her which tells you why every parent needs an urban jungle™!

“What a great pram for all occasions. We have loved our urban jungle™ and there haven’t been many days we haven’t used it. Its ability to be such a multipurpose buggy has been great for our lifestyle. I would say the air tyres have a-big part to play in why we love the pram and why it’s so multipurpose for us it allows us on many terrains, it can easily go from being our jobs buggy in town to folding it up, popping it in the car, taking it home and off for a walk around our local wetland which is rocky paths yet the buggy pushes across it was ease. It can be hard to find a buggy which is practical for all areas that you may need. However, we think Mountain Buggy® have done an amazing job at creating such a versatile buggy and it definitely is just what our family needed. If you’re looking into buggy’s I would highly recommend having a look into Mountain Buggy® as I think most families would love them especially if you are an active family who loves a wee walk/run and adventure!”
Ella Murray


maximum control, maximum performance

Next in line is terrain™, which is funnily up alongside its sibling urban jungle™! This one is for the active parents out there who actually want it all! terrain™ has been specifically designed for the athlete in mind -built for performance with its shock-absorbing suspension, hand braking feature and front wheel tracking device – this powerhouse is basically, the SUV of strollers! terrain™ comes bundled with both the 16” rear wheel air filled tyres, as well as 12” tyres – great if you want to downsize the stroller for the more urban environment (where it effectively turns into a souped up urban jungle™!)

compact side-by-side

Last but not least, we have the incredibly popular duet™. If you have twins or little ones close in age, this side-by-side double stroller is a game-changer. duet™ is compact and slim, so you can fit through standard doorways and navigate crowded spaces without a problem. It’s designed to keep both kids comfortable and happy with individual reclining seats and ample storage. Plus, it's easy to manoeuvre, so you never feel like you're pushing a tank around town. 🤭

When I was a nanny to twins, I used duet™ daily! We went to parks, the supermarket and walks almost every day. I loved the fact that I could load the twins into the buggy inside and glide out easily through the front door. It was my go-to, and I could boast about it for ages!

So there you have it—three incredible buggies all from the brand I work for! These nominations are a testament to the quality and thoughtfulness that Mountain Buggy® puts into our products, making life a little easier and a lot more fun for parents everywhere - I'm not surprised they got nominated! From my experience as a Nanny, I observed the importance that ‘word of mouth' had for parents. Most of the purchases they would make were influenced by their friends who were also parents! So, being nominated by actual parents for parents is the best feeling – it means something! From using Mountain Buggy® products as a Nanny, to now working for Mountain Buggy®, I too can attest to these awesome buggies! Yup, I'm having a proud moment! 🥰

If you’re a parent or soon-to-be parent looking for the best in baby gear, keep an eye on the OHbaby! 2024 awards and consider checking out these stellar strollers from Mountain Buggy®. Who knows, they might just be the perfect fit for your family's adventures!

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Nanny Sunday x

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