car seats

The Mountain Buggy car seat collection is designed for every stage of a child's journey.
Taking them from newborn all the way to 12 years of age.

car seats

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car seat essentials

Mountain Buggy protect infant car seat summer cover_default protect™ infant car seat summer cover CSSC_V1 $15.00 AUD $30.00 AUD view product
Mountain Buggy parasol umbrella fully opened_black parasol - stroller umbrella MB2-UMPARA_ $34.00 AUD sold out view product
Mountain Buggy infant cat seat cover set showing both included sun mesh and storm covers colour default_default infant car seat cover set CSCOVERS_V1 $39.00 AUD view product
universal-tether-base-protect-infant-car-seat_black universal tether base for protect™ infant car seat CSTETHER-AU_ $149.00 AUD view product
Mountain Buggy® car seats

our mark of quality

With over 25 years of producing high quality products that surpass the global safety standards, every Mountain Buggy product is developed to encompass our design DNA of manoeuvrability, adaptability, durability and simplicity, which not only gives the brand a cohesive look and feel; but aligns each product category with our world class safety standards.

Mountain Buggy’s long history of engineering and certification extends to the car seat collection, giving peace of mind from newborn up to 12 years.

safety innovation

Mountain Buggy is continually innovating by researching the safest practices around the globe, to ensure we are not just up to date, but ahead of the game.

the parenting journey

All the car seat safety you need for your child's journey ahead.

We understand the growing rates of height and weight of children are directly related to each other. Other brands claim larger weight capacity or age range, but we are seeing more children growing out of the seat earlier due to much lower height restriction.

With this in mind the Mountain Buggy car seat collection is designed with a distinguished level of safety; specific for every stage of your child’s journey ahead, legitimately taking them from newborn all the way to 12 years old, giving you weight, height and age percentile information for a fully informed choice.