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fabric sling seat benefits

fabric sling seat benefits

When it comes to choosing a buggy for your child, there are many factors to consider.  One important feature that can make a big difference in terms of comfort and safety is the type of seat used. Fabric sling seats have become increasingly popular for their many benefits, especially your growing child.  Here are some
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sublime manoeuvrability and performance

As the seat is inside the buggy frame and not mounted on top (like a removable modular seat), this provides a lower centre of gravity at the right height; delivering an easier push, lighter kerb pop, and more balance and stability.With the right design geometry and engineering,this makes the buggy turn on a dime.


newborn ready

For the budget conscious families out there, having a buggy that is newborn ready is ideal. With the instant built in, lie flat bed - the fabric sling seat delivers longevity and peace of mind, right out of the box - no need to purchase any additional newborn essentials to fit the buggy - fabric sling seats are an investment!



Because the seats are not held together in a seat frame (like a modular seat), AND with the seat sitting inside the buggy frame, this means that fabric sling seats tend to allow for a heavier weight capacity for your child.


comfort and soothing

Unlike modular seats which are usually molded and rigid; a fabric sling seat is essentially a structured hammock, which when moving, gives a gentle swaying motion for your child sitting within, providing a cosy, soothing and supportive environment to relax in. The soft fabric helps to distribute your little one’s weight evenly, reducing pressure points and preventing discomfort. Additionally, fabric seats are made from a more breathable fabric, so can help to keep your child cool in the warmer months.



Another advantage of a fabric sling seat is that it promotes better posture for your child. Because the seat conforms to the shape of their body, it helps to support their natural spine curvature and stops slouching. This can be especially beneficial for the younger toddler who are still developing their motor skills and posture.

child sitting in buggy with 5 point safety harness

general hygiene

Fabric sling seats are also easier to clean and maintain. Most can be easily removed from the buggy to be washed. This makes it easy to keep your buggy clean and hygienic for you and your baby.


lightweight and portable

Another advantage of sling seats is their lightweight and portable design. Unlike a removable modular seat unit that usually has a frame around it (which adds to the weight overall), a fabric sling seat can be left in the buggy, and folded up with ease making the buggy more portable and manoeuvrable. This makes it ideal for parents who are on the go and need a buggy that is easy to pack up and transport.



Finally, fabric sling seats are designed with safety in mind. Our Mountain Buggies feature five-point harnesses that keep your child securely strapped in, as well as being adjustable to support their growing bodies. 

A buggy with a fabric sling seat is an excellent choice for a comfortable, safe, and easy-to-use buggy. With their superior comfort, improved posture support, easy maintenance and lightweight design, it’s no wonder that sling seats are again becoming increasingly popular among parents. So if you’re in the market for a new buggy, be sure to consider the benefits of a fabric sling seat for your little one.  


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