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happy easter from Nanny Sunday

Easter activities for the long weekend!

As Easter approaches, parents, nannies and carers alike are filled with excitement at the thought of spending quality time with their little ones!
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From egg hunts to arts and crafts, there are countless ways to make Easter a fun occasion for children of all ages. Here, I'm going to share with you some fun activities, I did as a nanny, to make this long weekend fun and special for the little ones in your life. 🐰💗

1. Easter Egg Decorating
One of the most beloved Easter traditions is decorating eggs! Set up a crafting station with hard-boiled eggs, paint, pens, stickers and other decorative materials. Encourage your little one to let their imagination run wild as they design their own unique Easter eggs!. If the little ones are 5 and up, consider expanding your crafting station with a variety of decorating materials such as glitter, ribbons, and sequins. You can also introduce techniques like marbling or tie-dyeing using food colouring for extra excitement – yes a little bit more mess to clean up, but boy it's fun! This activity not only fosters creativity for all (yes even adults!), but also provides an opportunity for bonding between parents, nannies, carers and children.

2. Easter Baking
Even when the little ones were toddlers, they loved to help me bake. Making Easter cookies or muffins was my go-to. Linked below are some recipes I would follow. And let's be honest, decorating the cookies was always the best part! Encourage the children to explore different shapes and designs, or even experiment with natural food colouring for a healthier twist. It sure can get messy, but the kids love it, especially when you take out of the oven and everyone can indulge in the yummy goodness!

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3. Sensory play for all ages
Some Easter activities are a little difficult for our babies to join in. But by creating an Easter-themed sensory bin, you're able to have them join in on the fun too! Fill a large container with materials such as coloured, plastic eggs, Easter themed toys and trinkets (that are of safe size and materials). Encourage your little one to explore the textures and colours while engaging their senses in a playful and stimulating way. Through sensory play, babies not only develop fine motor skills and cognitive abilities, but they also learn to regulate their emotions and engage with the world around them in meaningful ways. I always encourage parents to have their little ones engage with sensory play!

4. Easter Treasure hunt
Now I LOVED setting up treasure hunts for the little ones, as they would get so excited finding where the treasures were. I would use a variety of easter eggs, little stickers and little rabbit toys to complete the hunt! To enhance the experience for the older children, consider creating themed clues or riddles that lead to each hidden treasure. Setting this up in the back yard or at your local park are the perfect locations for when it's a sunny day. Otherwise, throughout the house is just fine too!

5. Easter crafts!
Children love to be creative and DIY. I would always print out some easter Bunny outlines on paper, and we would stick cotton wool and stickers onto the bunny, to dress them up! These are some cool ways for the kids to give to their parents or to decorate their rooms for the festive season. Whether they're making Easter cards for loved ones or creating seasonal decorations for the home; crafting provides endless opportunities for imaginative play and self-expression.

Here are some websites that has more ideas for easter crafts!

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SO there you have it! Some fun and exciting activities that you can do with your little ones this Easter! Easter isn't just about bunnies and chocolate eggs; it's also about bringing the family together for some good ol' fun that actually goes beyond just making your children happy! More often than not, the adults really do get engaged – opening up their creative minds for a moment! Think about it – you've got egg decorating contests and epic egg hunts that turn your backyard into a treasure trove - what's not to love?

But beyond all the hype, Easter is a chance for the family to kick back, relax, and enjoy each other's company. It's like a mini reunion where everyone gets a chance to catch up, share stories, and just be together. So, whether you're cracking eggs, stuffing your face with candy, or simply chilling with your loved ones, Easter's all about making memories that'll keep you smiling until next year rolls around.

Happy Easter everyone!

Sunday x

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