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Celebrating culture at Mountain Buggy®

Celebrating culture at Mountain Buggy®

Cultural celebrations, religious occasions, and personal milestones are all examples of what we often commemorate within our diverse Mountain Buggy® team.
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At Mountain Buggy, we’re big on supporting our staff. We celebrate our diverse team and the things they care about most. International holidays, religious occasions, cultural events, and personal milestones are all examples of what's recognised in-house, and often commemorated with feasts and fanfare.

From Dawali to International Food Day, these special occasions provide a chance to honour our teams’ beautiful mix of cultures, and the richness this provides, under one roof.

Most recently, we celebrated Chinese New Year. Feelin’ festive, we donned and decorated in red. A dumpling making relay saw team bonds strengthened across all departments, while we shared in the spirit of the lunar calendar.

It’s a special time for our team. Not only further connecting with staff, but also appreciating a unique culture with which our company has strong ties. A friendship spanning 25 years, in fact!

With a global office based in Yanzhou, we’re not only proud of our hard working Chinese team, but also our company’s ‘very well made in China’ ethos. Building reciprocal business growth relationships in the East has always been important to us, and we continue to celebrate this in different ways.

In 2013, we took a business as unusual approach, and helped ‘export’ some of New Zealand into China. By supporting the Royal New Zealand Ballet’s Chinese tour, we helped ‘export’ a Kiwi national arts company, to a country with a tremendous cultural history, and a currency of high performance business.

In 2016, we launched our very first limited edition ‘year of’ print. The design of which showcases an animal, flower and colours that sit within the Chinese zodiac, calculated according to the Chinese lunar calendar.

These limited edition prints have since become a rich part of Mountain Buggy’s DNA, weaving together creative expression, cultural diversity and individuality. It’s yet another way of showing our appreciation for, and connectedness to, Chinese culture.

This year, we honour the Year of the Pig, and celebrate its spirit with shadow play.

The print, shadow play, was created through the millennia-old Chinese art form of paper cutting. In keeping traditions alive, an original papercut was sent to us from an elder within the Yangzhou province. This beautiful artwork was then manipulated through the use of light to create a simple, monochromatic print in shades authentic to true shadows.

Graphics highlighting the pig’s good fortune and intelligence - shadowed by floral stencils - offer a layered and textural effect, seen through the gradients of greys and blacks in the print.

It’s Mountain Buggy’s explorative depiction of a traditional art form that compliments and celebrates the brand’s long-standing relationship with China. We love it, and we know you and your little piglets will to.

Happy Chinese and lunar new year!

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