MB mini & swift (2015+) sun cover set

Mountain Buggy custom fit swift and mini sun mesh cover_default
Mountain Buggy custom fit swift and mini sun mesh cover set_default
Mountain Buggy custom fit swift and mini black out cover_default

MB mini & swift (2015+) sun cover set

mountain buggy


Product Code: SWIMC_V1

All the privacy and sun protection your baby needs. Our sun cover set now comes with both mesh and blackout covers, offering protection from light, sun, wind, and insects, giving your child a safe and comfortable place to rest, on the go.

MB mini & swift™ mesh cover stand out features:

  • easy access to child with zip opening front
  • shelters from light wind, bugs, and light
  • hard-wearing
  • insect and shade protection*

MB mini & swift™ blackout cover stand out features:

  • keeps direct sunlight out and provides a darkened environment perfect for promoting sleep
  • UPF 50+ sun protection with a high level of airflow
  • check on your baby through the peekaboo window
  • vigorously safety tested
  • durable and hard-wearing

what's in the box:

1 x MB mini & swift™ mesh cover
1 x MB mini & swift™ blackout cover


MB mini & swift™ versions made from 2015 onwards.

* Due to the ventilation holes in the mesh cover, we recommend you also use sunscreen.

$65.99 AUD
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